Decarbonizing the 
planet is possible.

HIF. Highly Innovative Fuels.

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It is possible

The starting point for the millions of ideas that have brought us here


With the help of the wind. A wind as constant and unique as the one that blows in southern Chile.

The wind will provide us with energy, the clean energy we need to make this happen.


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We will use wind-generated energy to obtain hydrogen, by way of electrolysis which separates the oxygen from the hydrogen present in water.

Via a filtration process, we will directly capture and condense CO2 in the atmosphere, purifying the air.

We will then combine the hydrogen obtained by electrolysis with the CO2 captured from the atmosphere through a process called synthesis.

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E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels in today’s industries, cars, ships and planes, with no modifications required, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels.


Kylie Chick

AME Environment Manager
“A short-term solution that has long-term effects”

César Norton

“We’ll contribute our grain of sand to make the world a better place”

Clara Bowman

AME General Manager
“HIF is a way of changing the world”

Rodrigo Delmastro

AME Wind Projects Manager
“This project is a benefit for future generations”

Rolf Schumacher

Chief Technical Officer
“We are always saying: we want to save the world, that’s my dream”

Patricia Palacios Mackay

AME Non-coventional
Fuels Manager
“We have an opportunity to decontaminate and decarbonize our planet”
Solar Park Santiago
AME / We transform energy

AME is an energy generating chilean company that started operating in Chile and Peru in 2008.

Today, next to its partners, it is the fifth largest producer in Chile with an installed clean electricity generation capability of 865 MW and a portfolio of projects (already approved or awaiting environmental permits) for an additional 1.700 MW.

AME’s calling is to be an energy infrastructure operator, both in Chile and Peru, that attracts talent and develops world class projects in order to be competitive in its target markets with a long term vision.

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HIF is a branch of AME, whose mission is working towards the decarbonization of the planet to help it heal. We’ll circumnavigate the globe with a carbon neutral fuel that we will initially produce in the region of Magallanes, in Chile’s southern tip.

To achieve this, we have formed alliances with strategic global actors in a project that’s already coming true.

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